Carrier Grade WIFI And Data Offloading

Alternate Business Model- Ads for Access
Walled Garden

A ďWalled GardenĒ around your campaign allows users to interact with your brand before even connecting to the internet. By clicking on your advertisement customers can browse through a website of your choice; they can only browse within your site, giving you the opportunity to engage with your audience before anyone else


Compass is a rich media, app-like experience that connects customers and drives them to stores. Give users information they need and want about your brand and where to find your products. Compass will give the user directions from their position to the nearest retailer. It will provide accurate walking & driving directions using Access Points.

Ads Server

The Ads Server stores and plays all URIs defined in the database. It also generates statistics on the number and duration of play along-with number of clicks. Clicks are optional and users are diverted to the advertiserís site if they are interested or can share the product on their social blogs.

Benefit to Advertiser

Advertiser will have a clear monetization data from the duration of play, number of clicks,
number of visits and can also promote their campaign by making the Facebook/Twitter
page likes mandatory.

Users can change channel Not possible
Users can switch off TV Switching off would mean loss of connection and data
Users can move away from TV PC or mobile are more personal and much more near
Blind advertising Area/age/gender specific
Blind targets Subscriptions on invitation only to users who search/buy products online
Number of viewers canít be verified Exact number can be recorder
Duration of view canít be calculated Exact duration statistics available
More details not available Click for details and visit product website
Alternate Business Model-Corporate
  • 11 SSIDs can be given to corporate using their existing Radius, LAPD, Active Directory, WPA or MAC Address authentication on number of devices package.
  • Taxi services and courier are a good business case as even UPS donít have an online swap machine.
  • Few SSIDs can be reserved for sudden requirements such as festivals and exhibition, where the capacity can always be ramped up using indoor AP 8132 (450 Mbps), that mesh with existing network.
  • Dedicated SSIDs can also be used for traffic cameras or any other Government utilities.
Network Dimensioning- Access
  • Number of Access Points, Types of Access Points and Antennas calculation
  • Electrical and IP cable hubs design and dimensioning
  • End-end throughput pipe dimensions including hubs and core network elements
  • Users/ Throughput/ QoS calculations
Network Dimensioning- Core
  • Gateways capacity and interface capacity calculation based on end userís services
  • HSS/HLR/OCS/Subscriber repository/LI/OSS nodes requirement calculation
  • Corporates, Broadband authentication and ĎAds for Accessí capacity calculation
Network Design- Access
  • Coverage Area calculation using Google earth, WiFi stumbler / planner and ground survey
  • Best channel and ERP calculation using test AP
  • Type of antenna, height of antenna, angle of inclination using detailed site survey
  • Electrical cable and IP cable types and connections
Network Design- Core
  • Analysis of existing cellular network and proposing best suitable offloading architecture
  • Services based design of network nodes and interfaces for various functionalities
  • HLD and LLD of end-end integration with existing network
  • Integration of leading vendorís access node and with any cellular vendorís core network, subscription, billing or OSS platform
Network Implementation- Access
  • Installation, commissioning and integration of access points
  • Installation, commissioning and integration of controller and switches
  • Testing and optimization of power, channel and orientation
Network Implementation- Core
  • Installation, commissioning and integration of Service Management Platform
  • Integration/ customization of all interfaces and hubs required for local break-out mode
  • Testing and optimization of all business services including Ads platforms
Managed Services
  • 24*7 network monitoring from cloud based controller or existing OSS
  • Replacement of faulty network elements and field engineering
  • Usage, revenue leakage control and off-loading calculations
  • Subscriber management and traffic shaping
  • Level 1-5 support
  • 24x7 automated intrusion detection and automated failure detection
  • Network training and competence development
  • Translation of business requirements into network services


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