Whether you're an ISP planning to go wireless, or a MNO wish to offload data or a University, we have a wide range of Access Points, Antennas, Controller and Service Management Platform to fit your requirement.

Access Points - From 54-900 Mbps and from single radio to triple radio for both 2.4 and 5 GHz

Antennas - Wide range of Omni, Panel and Ceiling antennas ranging from 3-18 dBi

Controller - Hardware based and cloud based

SMP - Complete solution with wide range of options to select from online charging, post-paid billing, Voucher and Reseller management system, integration             with  existing network supporting all 3GPP interfaces



Telecom Sites


Cable, Connectors, battery banks, alternate energy sources.





Wide range of Gateways with straight traffic and with inbuilt PCEF, Firewall, DHCP from 1 Gbps-100 Gbps





LinkQuest has largest inventory of genuine test and measurement tools which are calibrated and upgraded from time to time to cater to ever changing needs of telecom industry.
Based on requirement of our clients, equipment solution is provided with necessary cables, software and accessories.

  • Drive Test tool TEMS 13.0, Nemo etc.

  • Post Processing Tool- Actix, Gladiator, Discovery

  • Planning Tool- IB wave , Asset

  • Walk Test Handheld air interface data collection devices Tems ,Nemo

  • Site Masters Bird, Anritsu

  • EMF measurement meters - Narda SRM 3006

  • Scanners for GSM, CDMA , UMTS & LTE bands- SRU, Pc Tel & FSR


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