LinkQuest Retail Services


  • Mystery shopping – Store experience
  • Visibility Research
  • Brand Asset Intelligence
  • Channel Feedback
  • Store Audit
  • MOP Audits (Market Operating Price Audit) and Stock Audit
  • Partner Profiling


  • POP Management & Branding
  • Merchandise Management Sys
  • OnTrack –Web Application

Demand Generation / Brand activation

  • Locale & In-Shop promotion
  • Loyalty Programs

ISD – Managed Services

  • In-Store promoters/ Product consultants
  • Field Force
  • Back-end support team


  • Web based tools
  • Mobile based tool
  • Analytical tools
  • Data management


  • ISD grooming
  • Soft skills
  • Retail Hygiene
  • Customer Handling
  • Partner or Dealer trainings


Retail ISD / RSP – Managed Services

In-store Demonstrator / Retail Sales Person are key element which defines success for your sales. They are
the face of brand in a store.
Given the wide spread of stores across geographies it’s difficult for Brands to manage & retain them.

Industry constraints:

  • Spread of stores
  • Manage & Develop ISD’s / RSP’s.
  • Pay rolling barriers
  • High attrition Industry

Managed Staffing Services

  • Recruitment & Staffing – Pay rolling
  • Managed ISD
  • Visual Merchandisers

Retail Hygiene & Merchandising

Great store experience - Great Sales!

Retail store is the last mile of Customer engagement, Enhanced Point of Sale experience with appropriate
in-store visibility are the key elements.
Retail is dynamic & Impulsive, with Competition stores / brands around it calls for Brands to Innovate &
build interest , excite them.

  Retail Hygiene has two critical aspects
  • Visibility - Storefront & In-store.
  • Experience - Advocacy by ISD / RSP.

  ISD Enablement services
  • Training an additional service to increase ISD skills & there by Experience!


POSM Deployment

  • Deployment of POSM materials
    • Danglers.
    • Posters
    • Brouchers / Flyers
    • Standees / Shippers
    • Bunting etc.,

POSM Deployment Program Types

  • Regular cycles – Weekly / Monthly.
  • One off campaign for Product launch, Festive Promos etc.,

Semi Permanent Branding Deployment

  • Glow Sign boards
  • In-store branding
  • Displays & Fixtures

Merchandising Tool
“Mobile Tool”

  • Real time Merchandising tracking.
  • Visibility Management tool.


Retail Audit Services

Customer’s experience at Retail is a key driver of Brand success.
Brands make significant investments to drive a differentiated consumer experience thru,

  • Retail Visibility
  • Retail Hygiene – In store Ambiance & Customer Experience etc.,

Since the marketplace is competitive, somewhat unmanaged and often chaotic and wide spread network of
stores, these are difficult to manage & Brands will look for Answers for following Questions

  • What is the customer experience at our stores w.r.t. the store condition, maintenance and facilities?
  • Product advocacy / Quality of sales of Retail Sales Person (RSP)
  • What is the condition of the brand assets deployed at retail – like signages, demo units, SIS counters etc.,

What is the condition of the brand assets deployed at retail – like signages, demo units, SIS counters etc.,

Quality of Sales (Mystery Shopping)

  • RSP’s Soft Skills
  • Selling Skills
  • Product Knowledge
  • Grooming
  • Behavior

Visibility Research

  • Product visibility
  • Signage visibility
  • Availability,Prominence & Condition of brand elements

Brand Assets Intelligence

  • Availability
  • Prominence
  • Purity
  • Condition

Channel Feedback

  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Channel
  • interviews
  • Competitor interviews

MOP Audits (Market Operating Price Audit), stock Audit and Partner Profiling

  • Affirmation of price uniformity across your retail network through an independent auditor.
  • Reconciliation of physical stock count with procurement and sales
  • we have gone a step further in traditional Retail Intelligence by offering Partner Profiling services.

Demand Generation | Retail Marketing

Customer walk-in is a very critical aspect to success of a Retail store. This requires Awareness & Information
on Retail presence and offers needs to be passed on to respective Target Group present in the Catchment.

In the evolved Retail Market & ever changing Consumer behavior, the 4P’s of Marketing have transformed
into 4E’s for Retailing which stands for,

Product- Experience

  • Convert Retail space to a Experience zone, excite them.


  • Develop your knowledge of new media and channels to reach them.


  • What are you willing to offer your consumers in exchange for their attention


  • Find the passion and emotion in your brand. Inspire your customers and employees with your passion.

BTL Activities

  • Locale activities
    • News paper inserts
    • Flyer distribution Road shows
  • Activation – Mall, Apartments etc.,
  • Activation – Other Innovative activities – Look walkers, Human banners etc.,

Experimental Marketing & Events

  • Experimental Marketing - Product Experience / Demos. - Sampling
  • Launch Events
  • Customer & Partner facing Events

Customer Promos

  • Loyalty Programs
  • Festive Promos

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