A 15 year old company with 2000 eSmployees spread across India, South East Asia and MENA with expertise spanning across verticals of ICT.

Major verticals where the company has presence are:

  1. Telecom services domain for wireless network. This includes both RF and core.
    1. Network Design, Nominal planning, RF / LOS Survey, Installation, Integration, site functionality verification.
    2. Routine Network Drive Test.
    3. Network Audit
    4. Network Optimization and Optimum Capacity planning and utilization
    5. Benchmarking
    6. In - building solution – Turnkey services
    7. End – end consultancy and problem solving for all mobile telecom domain (Technology standards) this includes
      1. Capacity planning Optimization and Utilization
      2. Audit of Core n/w Trouble shooting and integrating value added services seamlessly over the core and RF n/w, resulting in customer satisfaction.
    8. Installations, commissioning and integration of various network such as (telecom standard) in the Fields of 2G/3G/HSPA/UMTS/4G/LTE
    9. Operation and maintenance
      1. Field Maintenance of Converged Networks
        1. BSC/RNC, BTS, NODE B, eNode B
        2. MW & Optical Transmission
        3. IBS Active & Passive Antenna Solutions
        4. Access Technologies –ADSL, VDSL , GPON , FTTX
        5. Assistance to Core Network Maintenance
        6. IP Networks
        7. AC/DC Power Systems,
        8. Air Conditioning Equipments,
        9. Shelter Equipments ,
        10. Fire Fighting Systems ,
        11. Generators
      2. NoC Services: Converged Networks
      3. Fixed Network Audit and Re-engineering Services
  2. One of the largest high end and very skilled resource supplier to large telecom operators and vendors across the globe
    1. Skillset
  3. System Integration
    1. Design planning and implementation of last mile connectivity for the wireless domain
    2. Design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of Wi max projects
    3. Design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of communication backbone for scada projects in the energy and utility sector
    4. Design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of wifi project including project involving offloading of LTE / 4G traffic onto wifi n/w across various spectrum.

Salient features:

  1. One of the top 3 telecom services company in India, with the fastest rate of growth for the last three years
  2. More than 1500 employees with own 100% subsidiary in Dubai to address business in the MENA.
  3. One of the largest resource suppliers with more than 800 resources in India, South East Asia and MENA.
  4. Preferred Global vendor having large engagements with Ericsson, NSN and Huawei.
  5. Financially stable company with strong balance sheet.
  6. Approved vendor working for all leading operators in India such as Bharti, Vodafone, Idea, and many more.
  7. Large inventory of original and genuine self owned Test and Measuring equipments / tool such as planning, drive test, post process, optimization and audit, EMF scanners, PSTN server etc.
  8. Extremely short response time to immediate and emergent customer needs.

LinkQuest’s way of working is to manage and carry out the projects with the key resources from it’s own resource pool and personnel from local organizations to augment the mundane activities.

Our Culture and Value

At Linkquest we deliver exceptional value to our customers, as measured and defined by them. We see the success in our solution implementation by the customer’s success and growth and partner them in their business challenges.

We encourage the entrepreneurial quality of our employees and accept the risks intelligently, viewing them as a part of business learning. We encourage our people to be fearless, courageous, open-minded, self-motivated and eager to learn.

We create a passionate, zestful, and committed environment thus deriving the best of personal energy and emotional intelligence in our leaders. We create opportunities for individual growth and development, and support that growth.

We bring transnational representation to all of our offices and teams to foster a global company culture built on an awareness of local cultures.



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