Low TCO Wifi Network


CAPEX: $9.99 per user line
OPEX: $8.99 per access point per month
A city in CIS region with 50 square Km area including 200 residential complexes, 5%
solar powered APs and 50, 000 users will approximately cost,
CAPEX= $ 499,999
OPEX= $9,999 per month

Environment: Campus/Solution: Enterprise

CAPEX: $ 0.49 per user line
OPEX: $ 19.99 per access point per month
An educational institute with 50,000 square meter campus and 5,000 students will approximately cost,
CAPEX= $ 1,199 or $ 2,499 including a solar powered AP
OPEX= $ 59 per month

Environment: Office/Solution: Enterprise

CAPEX: $ 19.99 per user line
OPEX: $ 14.99 per access point per month
An MNC office with 100 staff and 5 floors will approximately cost,
CAPEX= $ 1,999
OPEX= $ 99 per month

Hardware, network design and integration
Software licence, 2nd level O&M, 3rd level support, warranty and network expansion

Carrier solution

Features: Customizable, hosted splash pages, Content filtering, Integrated billing, credit card processing, external radius and billing integration, WMM/QoS, Bandwidth limiting, Client management and monitoring, WEP/WPA/WPA2-PSK encryption, Automatic mesh networking, CALEA, Carrier-grade support, Administrator privileges

Benefits: Centrally managed over the web no onsite IT required, Plug and play APs for fast, inexpensive truck rolls, Fully integrated carrier features, Unlimited scalability no bottlenecks or single points of failure, Lower up-front and ongoing costs

Enterprise Solution

Features: Up to 16 Virtual APs (SSIDs) with independent configurations, Up to 16 VLAN (802.1q) tags with SSID-to-VLAN mapping, Bridge mode: Client IP addresses assigned by upstream DHCP server, NAT mode: Client IP addresses assigned from private address pool, Dynamic channel optimization, Dynamic frequency selection (DFS), WMM Power Save (U-APSD),


Integrated bandwidth shaping, Zero-configuration mesh networking, Automatic failover across heterogeneous gateways, Dynamic route selection with multi-radio support, Centralized administration of multiple networks, Drill-down reporting (historical and real-time), Hero reports with scheduled e-mails, Role-based administration (full and read-only privileges), Data export to XML, Aerial Google Maps visualization, Floor/building diagrams for interior visualization, Remote diagnostics, performance, and logging tools, Automatic e-mail alerts, Online XML API


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